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A favorite of the Fashionography blog, Zippora Seven is featured alongside Jordan Agnew in a country inspired editorial for Yen Magazine.

~ Courtesy of T.F.S.

5 Responses to “Zippora Seven & Jordan Agnew photographed by Karen Inderbitzen-Waller in “Route 66” for Yen #46”

  1. Daved Kay

    These are most strong and individual 〓 Creations considerably outside the usual which often errs on the side of safety 〓 They are genuine “artworks” by virtue of:
    1. Their photographic quality
    2. The people in front of the lens
    3. Everything else …. which can not be put into words and written down …it just can’t ……
    ⟹⟹ ♡to Jordan+Zippora+Karen♡ ⟸⟸

  2. Daved Kay

    ⟹perhaps I should explain what I mean by my third “comment” !! I personally feel that for me to even “comment” in some ways reduces dilutes the work 〓 / but some feedback can be useful especially in a commercial situation WHEN I wrote : (copy+paste cheating now!!)
    ❝ 3. Everything else …. which can not be put into words and written down …it just can’t …. ❞
    of course it can be put in writing ⤵ anything can and much is ⤹ schools have mastered the artof taking a sensual exciting thrilling / stimulating / skin crawling / never to be forgotten /
    life-changing WORK OF ART ::: PLAY:BOOK:POEM:SYMPHONY:ROCK CONCERT: REGGAE NIGHT: and telling the “kids” to listen, analyse, answer questions about how it makes them feel …. until the WORKCREATION becomes like a wet cardboard box and many kids LOSE FEELING and INTEREST for the ‘arts’ ‘music’and creating their own stuff.
    THE SENSUALITY HAS BEEN SUCKED OUT BY ACADEMIC VAMPIRES 〓 that is what I meant by can not be put into words ….. I meant I just can’t reduce to “typed comment” what those 3 women created …. It was not a huge complex thing — IT WAS brimming with genuine FEELING and PASSION which you can’t see or weigh or force …. THAT is what I felt …
    I have attended masses of exhibitions + shows + creations/ I was executive member of Merseyside Arts for many years … SELDOM does an exhibition have the positive effect that ROUTE 66 had when it crept up on me from Outa_Cyber_Space and made clear it was staying in my memory for some time + in a GOOD way …..
    that is what “art” can do — and tho I’ve typed 100 lines I still can NOT tell you why there are tears in my eyes right now … and they are certainly not sad tears …..☼

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