Re: Portraits Of Girls

This website was established in 2010. I have invested 11 years worth of time and effort into the project. Thousands of hours and posts, dozens of redesigns, countless late nights and two name changes later, I’m burning out. There is a blatant lack of appreciation among the readers of Portraits Of Girls and at this point, it’s obvious that most of you either have no clue how much goes into this or simply couldn’t care less. I hope it’s the former. In any case, things can’t go on like this.

I want to be clear that this is absolutely not directed at anyone who has given anything at all towards the sustenance of this publication. Every single person who has ever made a donation or donations on Patreon or via PayPal – regardless of how small or large – forever has my thankfulness and is owed a huge debt of gratitude from the rest of you.

If you want to see rejuvenated interest from me in continuing to maintain this, one of the first and longest running publications of its kind, you have by the end of the year to let me know. I refuse to carry on doing this in a way that has me hardly breaking even after costs and expenses.

The Patreon page has been updated. Take a look if it means anything to you.

Happy holidays.

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