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Let’s start with something simple.  How old are you and where are you from?
I am 36 and was born in a little town called Voorschoten in the Netherlands which is actually next to where I currently live.

You’re currently living in Leiden, Netherlands, right?  How is that?
Indeed, I live in Leiden.  It is not the center of the fashion world but is nicely centered between some major cities and my studio is located here too — how convenient.

When seeking creative inspiration, where do you go?  Who do you see?  What do you do?
I don’t go anywhere.  I am inspired by models. I try to shoot girls in a different way than what has already been done before: different body language, different expressions.

Describe the ideal Richard Bakker girl or woman.  What does she need to posses to get “the shot?”
She needs to free.  A girl who doesn’t care about her looks and gives herself to the shot.  I don’t particularly like posed shots.  The model needs to be real: the emotions, body language, expressions and mood.  I find many that girls are too conscious about themselves, their body and the shoot.  That sometimes raises certain boundaries.

There is a sense of purity about your work. Is this something you think about before you shoot?
Purity is real. I love real but not all the time.  It depends on the shoot, the story and concept.  At this moment I do favor it but that changes per week though.

How do you feel about nudity in fashion?  You incorporate it yourself but not as much as one may think upon initial glance at your work.
Nudity belongs in fashion and you haven’t seen all my work. 😉
Again, it depends on the shoot, what fits and what doesn’t.  I don’t necessarily need nudity in each shoot.

As far as rising stars in the modeling world, who will be next to make it big?
This is a hard question and I honestly cannot make any guess and I don’t want to.  When looking at Models.com or The Ones 2 Watch, you see all these beautiful new faces appear every single week and it makes you wonder, where the hell do they all suddenly come from?

Thanks for taking part in this interview.  I appreciate your time but most of all your work.


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