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“New York Portraits” photographed by Terry Richardson for Purple Magazine, Spring & Summer 2010

People’s thoughts and opinions on Terry Richardson and his work definitely vary.  Personally, I find Mr. Richardson’s work to be refreshing with a raw feel and honest attitude.  There is a distinct and significant sexual energy amongst these shots just like there is in his past editorials.  Many seem to not appreciate nudity in fashion to my own extent.  Trey of the See Like Me blog wrote in a recent entry, “No, Natalia Vodianova, nobody wants to see your pubic hair. We can all grow it and it’s never been sexy.”  While I appreciate his thoughts and follow his website regularly, I couldn’t disagree more.  So yes, Natalia Vodianova (and Rosie, Lydia, Irina, Eniko, Constance and all other models who pose nude), I want to see your pubic hair.  We can all grow it but it doesn’t look nearly as sexy on anyone as it does on all of you.

~ Courtesy of Finn’s Place Scans

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