Interview: Amanda Austin

Amanda Austin | Interview By: Bruno

Interview: Amanda Austin 1

How old are you?
I am 32 years old.

Where do you currently live and work?
I reside and work in Sydney, Australia.

How long have you been in the industry?
I have been in the industry 6 years.

Interview: Amanda Austin 2

Inspiration plays a big part in creative production & development as an artist.  What inspires you?
People, sunlight, nature, art and traveling inspire me.

Do you remember the first picture(s) you took that you were satisfied with?
Yes.  They were portraits of Miss Piggy taken off the television on an old polariod camera when I was 8.  I took so many of them, thought they were amazing.

Interview: Amanda Austin 3 Interview: Amanda Austin 4

Viewing your portfolio I noticed that you’ve photographed the amazing Abbey Lee – how was that?
Abbey Lee is so beautiful and easy to shoot.  She has that something special that makes you excited about every shot.

Interview: Amanda Austin 5 Interview: Amanda Austin 6

It seems you mostly work with female models.  Is this based on personal preference and style?
I love to work a lot with both male and female models.  Yes, overall there are more female models in my work than men.  One practical reason for that is that most of the clients and publications I work for have more of a female audience.  Another part of the answer is I think there is a real difference that women shooting women can provide: a natural intimacy that comes easily with female friendships.  It can create a gentle trust that lets the model feel comfortable enough to be themselves.

Interview: Amanda Austin 7

Any advice for aspiring fashion photographers trying to make it in the fashion industry?
The advice I would give to those on their way up is to try and find a good team of stylists and hair and make up artists that you gel with creatively.  Produce as much of your own work as you can.  Also don’t try and shoot like others.  Really look down the lens to find what you think is beautiful.

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