15 Responses to “Freja Beha Erichsen photographed by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin for Purple Magazine #13”

  1. dopeambition

    she looks sick. as in, anorexic! I think that model’s thinness can be and is attractive at times, but she looks malnourished.

  2. Rikke

    That’s awful! I’m mortified… She looks like a prisoner in a concentration camp. And about the hair… It’s amazing what they can do with styling.

  3. Moco

    “Healthy hair” is a BS excuse and you know it. Anorexia is a serious illness and the label shouldn’t be thrown around lightly so no one has any place to say other than her doctor. However she has not always been “this thin”. As a Freja fan I’ve been following her career for some time now and I can say with assurance that she has most certainly has lost weight. She’s gone from naturally thin to thinner. She’s not a long distance away from looking like an emaciated child from a third world country.


    If you knew the first thing about eating disorders you’d know that thinning hair and hair loss occur almost 100% of the time. That was the only reason for my simple observation. I don’t care how long you’ve been a fan of her. My opinion is one that proclaims that I believe she may still be healthy looking the way she does. If she isn’t, then she should get help. It’s the modeling industry. Don’t act so surprised.

  5. naga

    I love this babe! She’s like a rockstar. Her look is unique and hard to find nowadays.

  6. andrea

    She’s an incredibly beautiful woman. And what she eats, or doesn’t eat, is her business.
    I love these shots, rockstar indeed!

  7. Kennedy

    Amazing! But androgyny? She is an unabashedly beautiful woman. How could she be mistaken for Will Farrell or Venus Williams?

  8. Benn

    Freja looks incredible, she doesn’t look ill at all. I’ve seen sick girls and they do not look like Freja

  9. blue eyes

    I don’t get the androgyny either. I see only a very slender (and no doubt, beautiful) woman.

  10. Nilu

    Fat people can’t understand naturally slim or call it skinny people. Even though I always eat like a horse, I have been slim like her all my life and always have been accused of being too skinny or anorexic. What can I say she is a one Lucky bitch like me:)


    I’m a thin dude! And I’ve always eaten as much as anyone else myself.

  12. Samoclerc

    There are old pictures of freja where she’s a little bit fatter and she looks better on. There’re also pictures when she seems like a boy. At the end, i find her beautiful and that’s great that some models are free like her (lesbian, tattoos and stuff)!

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