under Fashion, Short Film on February 19, 2015

Free People‘s Sunrise Stories not only introduces the brand’s new clothing line (FP Movement), it also serves to inspire women to get up and go.  In direct contrast with much of today’s marketing practices that try to appeal to “real women,” the approach of this top retailer suggests that they want no part of encouraging passive behavior when it comes to looks and health.

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  1. Jean-Marie Sohier

    Videos can be very good, but I mostly don’t have the time to open them. Photos are must faster. Also, for whatever reason, the layout of videos doesn’t work on my PC. Lots of space wasted by “your ad here” x 2, lots of white above and a squeezed bit of screen for the video, in most cases. Nice pix yet in many cases!

  2. P.O.G.

    This is a self-funded project. Seeing as how donations are basically non-existent, the “Your Ad Here” banners will continue to be left up in giving potential advertisers the option to purchase exposure for their products or services. it’s the tradeoff for readers. Many people don’t understand how much time and money goes into a website like this nor do they care to.

  3. Sarazo

    You were too polite. But nice answer. This Jean is living with her old monitor since 1990.

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