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Lukas Dvorak was interviewed by Bruno Maric for Fashionography

Photography by Lukas Dvorak @ Fashionography

Lukas Dvorak is a 29 year old fashion and beauty photographer based in Czech Republic’s Prague.

Referring to his job as a “paid hobby,” this full-time photographer appreciates the fact that he can live off of his beloved craft.

Photography by Lukas Dvorak @ Fashionography

When asked about his preference of monochromatic imagery, he replied with the following:
“I’m not a big fan of color in portraits.  For me, all the extra information that comes along with it seems to make photos void of emotion or character.  Black and whites feel more beautiful and charismatic; they are better storytellers.”

Many of Dvorak’s compelling photographs feature models smoking cigars or cigarettes.  He explains that this is because similar concepts have been around forever.  He feels that, in fashion photography, the two go together as well as men and watches.

Photography by Lukas Dvorak @ Fashionography

Lukas thinks that modern-day societies are taking aim at naturism.  According to him, no one can dress us better than nature and that’s why the human body is a thing of beauty to behold and showcase.