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Coil Web-Monetization

Coil Web-Monetization 2

In their own words, “Coil exists because content monetization doesn’t work for everyone, and we think it should.” The unfortunate truth is that the current state of the web is not exactly ideal for non-“influencer” content creators. While there are tons of companies lining up to pay people insane amounts of money for promotion on popular YouTube channels and Instagram accounts, the rest of us are left with next-to-nothing. Our options are limited to outdated models such as display ads and sponsored posts, neither of which are very practical or effective in 2019.

In a nutshell, with Coil:
– Subscribers pay a flat fee every month. Creators web‑monetize their content.
– Micropayments are sent to creators for every second spent on their websites.

Essentially, your subscription of $5/month is proportionately distributed between the Coil-enabled websites and YouTube/Twitch channels you enjoy the most.

If you already support Portraits Of Girls on Patreon or otherwise, thank you. You are one of a couple dozen individuals keeping this website alive for yourself and the thousands of others who come here on a daily basis.

For those who are interested, learn more about Coil and their efforts.


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