under Book, Promo on October 2, 2013

Monster Children Celebrates 10 Years

Provided you end up on Nowear Land intentionally and regularly, odds are that you’re into worthwhile content that’s presented as organically as it was produced.  However, odds may not be as good that you’re aware of a print publication that can make you feel just as hopeful for humanity.  Monster Children is a magazine in which the sickest of skate, surf and snowboard culture is featured four times a year.  Moreover, alongside the raw extreme sports photography, down-to-earth interviews, quick-witted music reviews and standard-setting design, these guys are keen on featuring risqué imagery of sexy fashion models.

After a decade of publishing pure awesomeness, M.C. has released a big, fat book in celebration of life from 2003 to 2013.  I’m super excited to congratulate their entire team on all their accomplishments and aid in propelling them forward towards another successful era.

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