under Fashionography on August 30, 2012


Above Photo: Cilou Anis by Guillaume Kayacan

It’s been a little while and the time has come for another one of “these.”

I’m due for a couple payments for my server, hosting and a service that was started for me recently and should be finished by the weekend: CSS Upgrades.

As many of you (loyal visitors) will be able to tell, the look of Fashionography has changed for the first time in over two years.  It’s minimal but modern and much better suited for mobile devices such as MP3 players, cell phones and tablets.

Best of all: There are still NO ADS.  This can and will continue with your support.

If Fashionography provides you with anything worthwhile, from inspiration to entertainment, consider donating towards its’ benefit.

Donate here.  And many thanks in advance.

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under Fashionography on May 20, 2012

I’d like to extend a sincere thanks to everyone who has donated funds in support of Fashionography.  You’ve all been sent personalized e-mails but your courtesy should be acknowledged publicly as well.  The fact that this blog has such a selfless and devoted group of followers is nothing short of inspiring.

Our fundraiser has worked out well enough that hosting should be taken care of for a while.  Furthermore, advertisements will continue to be a no-go.  This means that a less cluttered browsing experience will remain a perk for admirers and contributors alike.

The only other thing I ask of you guys is to let me know, here or by e-mail, whether you find this method of periodical help in maintenance preferable.  If not, be proactive in suggesting alternatives as all of your ideas will be assessed and kept in consideration.

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