Attention: Regular Readers

For the first time ever, Earnings Visibility on Patreon has been made public. You can now see the total amount of money that is generated by on a monthly basis: $196 USD ($6.50 per day). After fees and taxes, this is just about enough to cover fixed, recurring costs and expenses. It’s impossible for me to continue investing significant amounts of time and effort into this project. Portraits Of Girls has been a labor of love for more than a decade but I’m done feeling like I have some kind of obligation to keep pumping out content with all things considered.

Regular readers may wish to acknowledge the presence of a dilemma as a result of the aforementioned. Whether they do or not is irrelevant. I’ve grown tired of reminding people that there are ways to support the work that goes into this. I lack the incentive to keep sitting at the computer for hours a day, searching for content, answering e-mails, working on the website.

If you’re here everyday, have realistic expectations going forward.

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