under Editorial, Fashion, Nudity on January 31, 2010

First of all, I see this as a beautiful editorial.

Secondly, I almost don’t know where to begin.  This sequence of shots hasn’t exactly been getting all-around two-thumbs-up reviews.  I’ve noticed, while reading up on other blogs and websites, that people are hesitant to say much of anything positive.  Many comments are made about Anna’s figure claiming that she’s “too thin,” “skeletal,” or “undernourished.”  I disagree with every single one of them.  This is a photo shoot.  She is contoured and posed.  Any person within average, healthy body dimensions can pass for being quite skinny when shaped certain abnormal or unusual ways.  Something else that may be a contributing factor to her looking the way she does is the fact that these photos are black and whites.  Personally, I’ve noticed that when I convert my own portrait images to black and white they make my models look thinner.  So it’s my belief that this effect slimming.

Either way, Anna looks great.

~ Courtesy of T.F.S.