Portraits Of Girls is an ongoing project, a labor of love. The point of this publication is not to use women to sell you material goods or push agendas in an attempt to hijack your mind and make you a copy of a copy of a copy. Rather, content is featured in hopes that readers will see past the style-reliant, egotistical aspects of an industry that oftentimes has people in and outside of it striving towards some impossible perfection and not just in terms of physical appearance. Anti-social media networks have had incredible success in zombifying the world. This is a place where you can have beauty without the virtue-signaling and nauseating political correctness.

Being that we respect our visitors’ privacy and want to maintain full control over featured content by not subjecting this website to tyrannical censorship, we do not run popular ad programs such as @d$ense. Our publication is almost entirely self-funded with help from those who frequent it. Your support is appreciated.

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