Portraits Of Girls features exclusive and non-exclusive fashion editorials, portraits and short films.

Creative work being highlighted by way of still and moving frames focuses on the natural beauty and sex appeal of fashion, beauty and art models alike. Lasting value is at the forefront. Film is alive and well. Classic and timeless images are forever celebrated.

What you will not see here includes but may not be limited to:
celebrities, glamorizing of cigarettes/alcohol/drugs, pushing of mindless social agendas that are used in the mainstream media to divide-and-conquer and, last but not least, style-reliant imagery.

The founder and editor of Portraits Of Girls isĀ Bruno Maric.

Being that we feature a variety of content, with the inclusion of photos and videos that contain partial or full nudity, we are unable to run ads like many other similar publications and blogs. Because of this (and our steady growth), we are becoming largely dependent on our readers not only to keep this project thriving but to remain online. Your support of our efforts is crucial and greatly appreciated.

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Portraits Of Girls

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