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Represented by Ford Paris, René Lacombe is photographed by Pierre Dal Corso in Sweet Seduction for the sixth installment of erotic online magazine, 160g.  The model is fierce and elegant as she flaunts herself in the appropriately titled story.

~ Courtesy of 160g

2 Responses to “René Lacombe photographed by Pierre Dal Corso in “Sweet Seduction” for 160g, May / June 2010”


    With all do respect to the creators of the shoot, I feel this is a poor example of a photoshoot. As much as I respect and love the human body, and very much enjoy showing it in both my own creative work as well as seeing it in others, I feel this shoot gives nothing more than a pair of tits & some misplaced lighting.

    The editorial uses words as feathers, satin & sensual, yet there’s nothing soft about the hard light, the lack of communication from the garments & the models.

    All I see is some really annoying lighting and some soft color-tones.


      I disagree. I definitely see sensuality in this behind the worded outline. Sure, it’s a somewhat new and experimental take on lighting and color but I personally believe it works. The model’s expressions provide a mood and she communicates the idea of seduction very well.


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