under Editorial, Erotic, Fashion, Nudity on May 15, 2010

Covergirl Linda Zimány is featured in a 12 page editorial for Hungarian Playboy.  The series of sensual shots continues to produce proof of the fact that international Playboy publications are indeed more artistic than the domestic counterpart.

~ Courtesy of Share NXS

  • Otto

    So what’s so risqué about a nekkid chick with silicones?

    • Are you referring to the video and typed post I published a few days ago before deleting both of them? What makes photographs risqué a lot of the time is not simply nudity. You have to look for facial expressions, body language, etc. And besides, the main reason I ever publish Playboy editorials is to embrace the artistry in the magazine since there’s not much of it in the US version.

  • valcs

    hi there,
    i can tell u, her tits r real.
    i’m hungarian, n i know her very much.

    btw this type of photography is very rare in hungarian playboy. it’s a cool stuff!