under Erotic, Fashion, Nudity on June 4, 2010

~ Courtesy of Greg Williams @ Vimeo

6 Responses to “Esquire U.K.: Daisy Lowe by Greg Williams”

  1. knurps

    I realllyy reaalllyy want to know, Who the designer is Of the top/shirt At: 0:15
    I Sooo love it !!

    <3 ty

  2. Mallory Jeanne

    Really funny, i was going to send you this video earlier today.

    -Malzzz 🙂 (are you proud of me?!)

  3. Anonymous

    I can not really understand what some people are seeing in Daisy Lowe she is just an everyday girl who tries really hard to become a great it-Girl. But at my point of view I don’t give her a chance. Nobody will know her in a few weeks.


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