under Editorial, Erotic, Fashion, Nudity on June 19, 2010

“To become a supermodel, magazines need to help the girl.  Right now, magazines don’t do cover models.
When they are on covers, models become supermodels… they rise.”
~ Patrick Demarchelier, 2010

Generally, I think that Patrick Demarchelier is referencing domestic (U.S.) fashion publications.  I may be wrong.  Then again, I’m probably far from the only person who’s had more than enough of pop-culture icons: actors, musicians and the like appearing on covers instead of models.  I praise European, Asian, Central / South American and Australian magazines for continuing to show more regard for models over media figures.  If you’ve been curious and wondering, that’s why I post only foreign pictorials.

And the truth shall set you free.

I hope all of you continue to enjoy and support Fashionography as it blooms.

~ Courtesy of T.F.S.